RedMon EE

RedMon EE 1.9

RedMon extended edition allows You to share printers with redmon
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Ghostgum Software Pty Ltd

RedMon extended edition allows You to share printers with redmon running by using and setting up the redmon Server feature.
The Server feature uses RPC to communicate and interact with the user sharing the printer. To use RPC You have to:
- have redmonS.exe running on each client using the redmon printer on the network.
-configurate the redmon Server feature on Your print server.
If there is only one user running on the client - users don't share systems - You can use a default port for TCP/IP communications. This is the recommended usage.

If You have more than one user running the on the same client, redmon will construct a port-number from the username by generating a 16-bit CRC from the username. This seems to be the only working method to asign different ports to different users on the same client.

To retrieve the IP-Address from the client- or workstation-name You should have WINS running in Your network. If You don't have setup a WINS-Server, You will have to add each workstation in the HOSTS file on Your print server !
- configurate redmonS.exe

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